Amazingly Good Music Downloader Apps You Should Get

good music downloader apps for free

Finding good music downloader apps is quite difficult nowadays. The reason is, there are dozens of apps available to download, unfortunately only few of them are really good. Music became part of our daily lives. Some people can’t live without music. For some music in the morning is the best wake up call. And for some listening to the music is like breathing – it’s part of their natural processes that helps us to survive each day. Music is all around us and most people like to have their favorite songs on their smartphones to listen to them any time they want. Are you one of them? I would love to just download the song I like directly to my smarpthone without any hassle, so I’ve done some research and here is the result. The few good music downloader apps available for free.


4Shared – #1 of good music downloader apps

4Shared is quite famous file sharing website, but it is also an outstanding app to download music for free. One might wonder – how is that possible? It’s a file-sharing service, so it probably allows us only to download music if we know where to find it. Well this kind of thinking is wrong. Downloading music with 4Shared is super easy and fast. It’s really probably the best app among good music downloader apps. So how to find and download music using 4Shared app? It’s really easy. Just download and install app first. When you start the app, just go Music category. When you are there, just enter song title or artist you are looking for and it will show you results based on your searched keyword. You can just choose songs you want to download from the results and a moment later you’ll have them downloaded in your smartphone. Ain’t that super easy?

4Shared has also some other cool features built in. It has built-in music player, so you will be able to listen to downloaded music easily in this app. Besides that it has also a feature to listen to the music online – it’s called online free music streaming. Of course 4Shared is free to use, free to listen to streamed music and free to download any song you like. Sounds great, right? So what are you waiting for? If you are looking for the best among good music downloader apps, you should install 4Shared and give it a try!

4shared - good music downloader app


SuperCloud Song MP3 Downloader

SuuperCloud Song MP3 Downloader is another great app which allows us to download music to our phones. Downloading music with this app is really easy. All we have to do is type in the name of the artist or song we are looking for and wait for app to show us the results. Now we just need to choose what we would like to download and we can enjoy having our favorite songs on our phone. There is also another great feature it has – you can stream music online for free. That means you can listen to any song you want online and check it out before downloading it. Great, right? But that’s not all. It works on new versions of Android devices as well as on the old ones, so if you have an old Android phone – don’t worry, this app will work for you. Even Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) is supported! It’s definitely one of the really good music downloader apps available for free. The only disadvantage is, that this great app is not available to download from Google Play Store. But don’t worry! You can download it here: download


MP3 Music Download

This is another one of the good music downloader apps for free. With this amazing app you can easily download any song you want. Just need to type in the song or artist you are looking for. Then choose file or files you want to download and enjoy having them on your phone. This great app is one of few apps which actually allows to download multiple files simultaneously. MP3 Music Download app also has beautiful UI design, option to download in the background, make rings and more. Another great feature is preview – you can preview any song and listen to it before downloading it. So if you are looking for a good music downloader apps with option to download multiple files and with ability to preview songs before downloading it’s perfect app for you.

mp3 music download app

When it comes to finding good music downloader apps, there are only few apps worth mentioning. I’ve tested a lot of apps available on google play store, unfortunately I have to say that most of these apps are not worth even a second of your time. Most apps claiming to be music downloaders are just a scam – they claim to have feature to download apps, but all they do is show you hundreds of websites. So don’t bother looking for a music downloader app on Google Play Store, just choose one of the three apps mentioned above and I guarantee you won’t regret it. My personal favorite is 4Shared app, but I believe that if you choose any other of these 3 apps, you will be satisfied.

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