Best Android App to Merge Two Videos Together for Free

best android app to merge two videos together for free

When it comes to the best android app to merge two videos together, there is no simple answer. There are few apps available on Google Play store, that allows us to put two videos together, but which one is the best? Nowadays, when everyone has a smartphone, making videos is getting more and more popular and there is nothing surprising about it. There was a quote „One picture is worth more than a thousand word”, so paraphrasing this quote I need to say, that a „video is worth more than a million words”. Would you agree with me?

What app puts two videos together?

If you are looking for an answer to question: what app puts two videos together? Then look no more, cause you will find your answer in this article. Let me show you not one, not two, but four android apps to merge two videos available on Google Play store. Those apps are: VidTrim: Video Editor, VivaVideo: Free Video Editor, FrameBlast: HD Video Editor and Video Editor. All those apps are super intuitive and easy to use and most important – those apps to merge videos together are totally free to use!

VidTrim – not only an app to merge videos together

VidTrim: Video Editor is not only a video merger, it also offers number of other features, which are available for free. With this app you can not only merge two videos together, but you can also trim them easily. More over, this app allows you to extract audio as an MP3 file as well as do transcoding. Another great feature available in VidTrim is frame grabbing. That means we can easily save images from single frames of the video. There is also an option to rotate videos within the app. That’s not the end of cool features. With VidTrim we can also add effects to videos. Among available video effects are Black and White, Negate, Vintage, Blur, Sharpen and many more. You can also add your own soundtrack to your videos with few clicks. And of course, you can merge multiple clips together into one video. So why don’t you give it a try?

VidTrim - an app to merge videos together

FrameBlast – HD Video Editor for Free

FrameBlast is really simple android app to merge two videos together. But of course we can do much more with it, as it has a lot of useful features. First of all, it supports HD video files, so that’s a huge plus and let’s be honest, it becomes a standard nowadays. Another great feature is shooting new videos within the app. It makes all the process easier, cause we can edit our videos as soon as we shoot them. This saves a lot of time and increases our performance.This app offers numerous number of useful filters and special effects.

Would you like to add your own soundtrack to the video? No problem, you can do that with two clicks. It’s really simple to use – you can do everything within the app literally with one finger. You can easily apply new filters by navigating with your thumb. Just swipe left/right to edit style and swipe up/down to add professional quality FX filters and effects. Simple, isn’t it? You can also share your videos easily, with just one click. And moreover, your videos create your own story. So just give it a try and download it from link below.

frame blast hd video editor for free

Video Editor – android app to merge two videos

Video Editor is an android app to merge two videos together in very easy way. It’s very simple yet powerful app with few interesting features. Video Editor was reviewed by over 500.000 users and it’s average rating is 4.2 stars! Isn’t that amazing? You can find here a lot of useful features. Of course you can merge two videos into one, you can add you own soundtrack to edited videos. But there is more, you can extract soundtrack of your videos to mp3 file. Another great option available in Video Editor is rotating – you can rotate your videos easily. You can also trim your videos or divide them into two clips. Another great option is slideshow. We can easily create interesting slideshow from our photos and save it as video file. Of course you can also easily rename video clips and share them on Facebook or Youtube.

Video Editor is android app to merge two videos together

VivaVideo – best android app to merge two videos!

First I need to mention that VivaVideo is absolutely amazing app. It was reviewed by almost 5.000.000 users! It’s average rating is over 4.5 stars with over 3.6 million of 5-star reviews! That being said, I think it’s obvious that millions of users can’t be wrong. VivaVideo has over 200 million users all around the world and they all love this app! This must be the best android app to merge two videos together, but it’s not the only thing it can do. It is also a powerful video editor with easy to use features. It offers some amazing professional tools and effects with simplicity and easy allowing anyone to use them. Even without any video editing experience.

You probably wonder what features does VivaVideo offer? Answer won’t be short, cause list of features is quite long. First of all it’s a powerful video editor. Of course it allows us to trim and merge video clips together. Another great option is enhancing videos with cool FX effects, as well as adding subtitles, dubbing, stickers, texts, changing fonts, applying transitions, adding music and applying available filters. Another cool option is slow motion and fast motion. We can easily change our videos into amazing slow motion videos as well as fast motion. Want to reverse your video? No problem, VivaVideo allows you to reverse your video or blur video background with one click. If that is not enough to conveince you it’s the best app to merge two videos and the best video editor for android, then I have no idea what will. Just give it a try and install it from link below.

VivaVideo - best android app to merge two videos together