Best Android Apps Not in Play Store That Will Blow Your Mind

Best Android Apps Not in Play Store for free That Will Blow Your MindWhile most of the users install apps directly from the Google Play Store, there are many best Android apps not in Play Store. Why does it happen? Well there may be various reasons. Either they were removed from Google Play Store for their nature or non-compliance with Google policy. When it comes to the nature of apps – these apps might offer movies or music for free, those can be ad-blockers (we all know google earns from ads, so they remove all apps that block ads), or some other cools apps violating the TOS or copyright or some other sensitive issue. But don’t worry, you can easily get all awesome apps not available in play store for free. You can simply download .APK file and install this app manually, its really easy.

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Best Android apps not in Play Store

Some of the apps presented below are really amazing, they are really popular in Asia, however they were removed or not allowed to be published on Google Play Store, so the only way to get them is to download and install them manually. Let’s take a look at the best android apps not in play store.


Showbox – best app to watch movies for free

Showbox is amazing free app to watch movies and tv series for free on mobile device. So let’s take a closer look at this app. First of all Showbox is completely free to use. You can easily download it here and install to your smartphone free of charge. Showbox is probably the best app to watch tv series for free. All available TV series are categorized by titles and seasons, so it’s easy to find them. Moreover this outstanding app allows to watch movies and TV series in HD! It’s most likely the only free app that supports HD.

Another cool feature of Showbox is that is is updated daily and as soon as new movie or new episode of TV series is released it is available to watch for free within Showbox app. Moreover, Showbox is compatible not only with smarphones, but also with TVs and computers. That being said, we can also enjoy watching movies via Showbox on our TV and enjoy movies in HD on our 50 inch TV.

Last but not least, Showbox has one ultimate feature, that all other apps for watching movies lack. It has an option to download movies and TV series to our device for free. We can easily download movies to our smartphone and watch them offline when we don’t have internet access. We can also download full seasons of TV series with one click, simple as that.

Showbox is definitely one of the best android apps not in Play Store, so if you wanna watch movies for free just install it.


MIUI Music – app to download music for free

This amazing app comes originally installed on Xiaomi phones – famous Chinese smartphone brand. MIUI Music is not so popular outside Asia and outside of Xiaomi phones users, however it is really amazing. It is a combination of amazing music player with Spotify functionality, but it’s totally free. With MIUI Music we can listen and download music and we don’t have to pay a single penny to do so. We can easily download our favorite songs or full albums and we don’t have to pay for it. Isn’t that amazing?

MIUI Music has way more to offer than a basic music player app. It also allows us to download lyrics as well as album artworks if we choose to do so. With this cool feature we can turn our phones into karaoke machines with few simple clicks. It makes it one of the best music apps and one of the best android apps not in play store. You can get MIUI Music here.


AdAway – app to block ads

As you might be aware of, Google is blocking and removing from Play Store all apps that allows to block ads. Why is that happening? Well, ads are the main source of profits for Google, so it’s understandable, that it is banning all apps, that allows to block ads. There are many apps available that allows us to block ads, however we can’t get them on Play Store. We can just download and install them directly from developers website. If you would like to start blocking ads on your device, you can easily achieve that. Just download AdAway here and start blocking all ads.