Best App to Make Music Louder for Android an iOS

best app to make music louder and increase volume for android and ios for freeHaving an app to make music louder is really useful, when we have an audio file, which is very quiet and we would like to make it louder. Sometimes when we buy a song or record audio by ourselves, the volume of the file can be quite low. When it happens, we can easily increase the volume of the audio file with easy to use apps. Each app to make music louder can help us achieve this goal. Most of the apps to increase the volume of music are free to use and they work on iOS and Android, so it doesn’t matter whether you are an iPhone user or not. You will be able to use these apps and increase the volume of your music in few easy steps and for free.

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Ultimate Volume Booster – increase your phone volume

Ultimate Volume Booster is an easy to use app to make music louder on Android phones. This is really simple app, that allows you to increase the phone volume of all sounds by 30 – 40%. With one single tap, we can make all the sounds louder, so if your phones’ volume is quite low, you can easily increase it with this app. So increase not only the volume of your music, but of all sounds coming from your phone – ringtones, music, notifications etc.

This app is quite popular. It was rated over 4 stars on Google Play Store by over 250.000 users! Unfortunately there is also one disadvatage when it comes to this app – since it’s free, there are some ads built in within the app. But since it is free, it should not be a problem – developers has to earn in some way, right? Ultimate Volume Booster works only on Android devices and you can download it here.

Music Volume EQ – app to make music louder

Music Volume EQ is a cool app that adds volume slider and five band EQ with some cool 3d effects and bass booster to phones. This app allows us to easily increase the volume of our phone thanks to built in volume boost amplifier.

Music Volume EQ is not only an app to make music louder, it also has some other cool features. It offers such features as bass boost effect, amazing virtualizer effect, as well as five band music equalizer. Another cool options available within this app are audible sound spectrum and music visualization. Music Volume EQ is available only for Android devices for free, so iPhone users, will have to find some other app to make music louder for iOS fevices. You can get it here.

Equalizer+ – app to make music louder for iOS

Let’s take a look at Equalizer+, a great app for music fans. Equalizer+ is a great app that allows us to boost volume of any music and audio coming out from our mobile devices. But feature to increase the volume of sounds is not the only feature it offers. Thanks to some advanced, yet easy to use features it will improve the sound quality of your device. It works great on iPhone, iPad as well as iPod devices and helps to get the maximum music performance from our device.

With this app you can easily adjust the sound range from 32-16Hz and from -24 to 0 dB, thanks to fully functional equalizer. You can also adjust the quality of the music you’re listening – on the speaker as well as on the headphones. Equalizer+ has 9 amazing sound effects built in, to increase the quality of your music. Among these effects you can find – bass booster, acoustic effect, hip-hop, dance and more. Another cool feature is adjusting the visualization quality as well as it’s speed.

Equalizer+ is designed for iOS operating system, so it is not available for Android users. It is rated 4+ on iTunes store and has hundreds of great reviews and comments. You can get it here.