Best App to Stream Movies and TV Series

The best app to stream movies and tv series on smartphone or TVWhen it comes to question: what is the best app to stream movies? There is no one simple answer. Everyone can have a different opinion when it comes to this. Also different apps can work differently in other countries. Nowadays people watch a lot of movies and TV series. Access to latest movies is easy, everyone has fast internet at home. There are many free hotspots in restaurants, main hubs in cities, data packages are relatively cheap. Watching movies and TV series is the main free time entertainment nowadays. So there are few questions we need to ask ourselves before we choose the best app to stream movies. Do you want to pay for app to stream movies or should it be free? Will you need fast access to latest movies? Do you watch only movies or you need an app with movies and TV series? Based on your answers you will be able to choose perfect app for yourself from those presented below.


Cinema Box – truly the best app to stream movies?

CinemaBox is in opinion of many users the best app to stream movies on Android and iOS devices. This app was also known as PlayBoxHD in the past, but it has changed it’s name for unknown reasons. This is definitely one of the best movie apps on the market available for free. It has some outstanding features including offline mode, subtitles support, Chrome Cast support and kid’s mode. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Unfortunately this great app is not available for direct download from Google Play Store and Apple Store/iTunes. However don’t worry. You can easily download CinemaBox to your phone or tablet device with this step by step buide: CinemaBox


MegaBoxHD – best alternative to ShowBox

MegaBox HD is relatively new app but it’s popularity is growing insanely every day. It is a new app, but already fighting for the title of the best appa to stream movies. First of all it’s free to use and it’s very small. The size of MegaBoxHD is only 1.8MB! Insanely small, right? It’s also very well optimized so it won’t use much of your phones resources and it will not drain your battery. It is designed to work on any Android device, so iOS users have a bad luck, cause they won’t be able to use it. MegaBoxHD allows you to stream movies on the screen of your smarphone with Android. It is totally free and it works fast without any lags or other problems. MegaBoxHD supports two different qualities of movies – 360p and 720p. It is surely good enough quality to watch movies on smartphone or tablet device.

MegaBoxHD is also a great alternative to ShowBox. So if you need a great alternative which works even better than ShowBox ever worked, give MegaBoxHD a try. You will not regret it for sure! You can download it here: MegaBoxHD


ShowBox – most popular and best app to stream movies for free

ShowBox is definitely one of the best apps to stream movies for free. It is also the most popular app available for free download. It allows not only to stream movies, but you can also watch TV series, reality shows, music shows and many other video files available in app. Moreover ShowBox not only supports Android devices like smartphone or tablet, but allows you also to watch movies on your TV or laptop. It works fast and allows you to easily stream video files from other third party websites. Another great feature is support of HD – high definition. That means you can stream Full HD 1080p movies on the screen of your TV. When it comes to choosing the best app to stream movies for free, I have to say ShowBox is the best.

I believe that you were able to make up your mind and choose the best app for yourself. In our opinion the best app to stream movies is ShowBox and the runner up is MegaBoxHD. And which app is the best in your opinion? Unfortunately apps mentioned above do not support downloading movies. If you would like to watch movies on your smartphone or tablet, when you don’t have the internet, take a look at the best app to download movies for free.