3 Best Apps for Medical Students and Doctors

best apps for medical students and doctorsBest apps for medical students are a must if you study medicine. We all know how hard it is to memorize everything during medical studies, thousands of pages of data and we need not to forget that every case is different. Nowadays every student has a smartphone – Android device or iPhone, so it’s easy to use these medical apps at any time you need. I am sure you will not regret having all important info in your pocket and check it whenever you need it – during lecture, exercise or even exam. With these apps your way through medial studies will be at least easier and even when you become a doctor, you will find them extremely useful. So let me present to you 3 best apps for medical students and doctors.


Medscape – #1 among the best apps for medical students

If you haven’t heard about Medscape, you must have been living in a cave without internet access. It is probably the most popular medical app with over 10 millions of users. I’d call Medscape a medical encyclopedia enclosed in an app. It offers collection of great medical articles, relevant photos and detailed drug references. All of this available offline on your phone, cause it’s all downloadable to your smartphone. With Medscape you will be able to recognize the most obscure or rare diseases. All the information available within the app is easy to read and understand even if you are not a medical student. All the data is up to date and has references. Whether you are a doctor, medicine student or medicine is just your hobby, Medscape is a perfect app for you. Give it a try and download it now!

Medscape - great app for medical students and doctors


Prognosis – #1 Medical App for students in the USA

Prognosis can look like a game and it’s fun like a game, but it’s also a great tool for learning. This great app allows you to test your medical knowledge in friendly and fun environment. It also allows you to learn about diseases. You can download the main app, but there are also available specialized versions of this app for specified fields of medicine. Available versions cover: cardiology, infections, neurology, emergency medicine, STD, Hematology, Respiratory, Rheumatology and even Psychiatry fields. This is definitely one of the best apps for medical students. It is also great app if you just want to learn about medicine and diseases in a fun way. Just give it a try and install Prognosis.

Prognosis - awesome medical app


PEPID – hidden gem among medical apps for students

I’d say that PEPID is a hidden gem among the best medical apps for students. It’s definitely great app for students with a lot of useful features, previously mentioned apps didn’t have. With PEPID you can easily find data about clinical and drug content. Another great feature for students is taking notes within app and being able to share them with others – your classmates or colleagues. What makes it a great app not only for students but also for doctors is feature to easily find crucial drug interactions and improve your differential diagnosis capabilities. All those features and possibilities in one awesome app.

It’s really hard to choose one from the best apps for medical students, cause all of mentioned apps are great in their field. I really love the feature of Prognosis, which makes learning with this app really fun and tests built-in the app are also really interesting so that’s my winner. Which app would you choose as the best app for medical students and doctors?