Top 3 Best Apps to Learn Italian

top 3 best apps to learn italianThere are dozen of apps available and each of them claims it’s the best apps to learn Italian. But what is the reality? Which one is really the best app to learn Italian? Which app will make learning process fun and easy and most of all efficient? When it comes to choosing a perfect app to learn a new language, we should ask ourselves, what are we looking for in a learning app. What is the most important factor? And what is our favorite way to learn? Do we learn through listening? Reading? Speaking? Or maybe through games and fun activities? Or a mix of all of those? So what are the best apps to learn Italian and what features do they have?


Busuu – 3rd among best apps to learn Italian

In my opinion Busuu is on third place when it comes to apps to learn Italian. You can find many different exercises and games included in this app. Those games and fun exercises make learning process enjoyable and easy. When I’m learning with this app, it doesn’t feel like learning at all, cause I’m enjoying it so much. On the bright side of this fun approach, when we have fun we learn vocabulary really fast. There is one unique feature that makes this app totally different from other apps to learn Italian. This feature is practice with native Italian speaker. That’s right! In Busuu you can have a real conversation with native Italian speaker and practice your pronunciation. Isn’t that awesome? You can chat with some gorgeous Italian girl or handsome boy, while you learn. I think that’s a great motivation to learn Italian, specially with this app. So ask yourself a question – do you want to learn Italian in a fun way, play games and do enjoyable exercises and in addition practice conversations with hot Italian girl or boy? If the answer is yes, then choice is simple. Busuu is perfect app for you!

best app to learn italian


Duolingo – best app for learning Italian?

If you haven’t hear about Duolingo you must have been living in a cave for the past couple of years. Duolingo is number 1, if we are talking about the most popular apps to learn languages. In this ranking Duolingo is placed on position number 2. I think it’s a great app, but it’s just not the best app for learning Italian. Anyway, let’s get to the point. Each lesson in Duolingo is divided into units,, each unit is made of several sub-units. Each sub-unit teaches us around 7 new words – which is just great amount for a short learning session. I bet you wonder now how do we learn new words here? The answer is simple, we learn by playing fun word games and doing interesting exercises. Let me give you two examples of these. We can learn by matching a word with a picture or by rearranging the sentences into full correct phrase. Another cool feature in this app is ability to learn correct pronunciation, we can just say the phrase or word and it will check if we do it properly. I think this app is almost perfect and it is really worth a try. The best part is you can practice pronunciation with it.

duolingo - one of the most popular apps for learning italian - memrise


Memrise – best app to learn Italian

And the Oscar for the best app to learn Italian goes to ….. Memrise! It’s definitely my favorite app to learn languages. Learning process with Memrise is fun and easy. Memrise has also some innovative features that you might like. What is pretty cool about this app, is that it teaches by making you smile or laugh and create connections and mind maps in your brain. How can this simple app achieve that? It’s so simple and brilliant that I can’t believe no one thought of it before. But to the point. When you learn a new word, you see memes about this word, some of them are funny, some not, but the point is you can create mind maps thanks to those. Those memes are created not only by developers of the app, but as well by other users. You can upload your own memes any time. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? When it comes to learning itself. Learning is divided into categories or themes. Each category introduces you to new words related to each other. For example category “family” would introduce words like aunt, uncle, brother, sister etc. But that’s how all the learning apps work at the moment, so it’s nothing new. In my opinion Memrise is the best app to learn Italian, but same time Doulingo and Busuu are not far behind when it comes to the best apps to learn Italian. So just try all three of these and choose the perfect one for you.

best app for learning italian - memrise

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