Best Apps to Play Games and Make Money

best apps to play games and make money

Let me tell you a few words about the best apps to play games and make money same time. You’ve heard me right! There are actually apps available, which pay for playing games on your phone. Sounds awesome, right? Nowadays almost everyone has a smartphone. Most of smartphone users, spend at least few hours every day playing games, using apps, surfing the web, texting, socializing or just reading on their phones. Many smartphone users try new games every day and spend few hours playing newly installed games. Are you one of them? Do you like to test and play new games? Would you like to get paid for doing that? If your answer way yes, then keep reading, cause I’m about to explain how you can earn by playing games. I’m gonna show you the best apps to play games and make money while doing so.

Best Apps To Make Money on Android

On the market, there are several apps available to make money using smartphones. Some of them will allow to earn by playing games, some will pay you for taking photos. You can also find apps that pay for doing surveys or simple tasks, like registering an account, watching YouTube videos or other similar simple actions. Some actions are really fun and earning with them is like playing a real life game, cause they require you to do some real life tasks. For example, there is an app that pays you for going to specific location and reporting specific information about this place. The fun part is, that the first person to accept this task, has to finish it within 2 hours, or the task will go back to the market and someone else can claim to do it. For each task in this app you could earn from 3$ to 12$! And this time limit and hunting for new tasks makes it really fun.

Best Apps to Play Games and Make Money

Let me get to the point, cause I haven’t mentioned the most important thing in this article yet. What are the best apps to play games and make money? The answer isn’t simple, cause there are few apps and all are great, All of the apps mentioned below will let you earn some extra cash for installing and playing new games, so just give them a try.

Gigwalk – cool app to make money on android

Gigwalk is a great app with simple tasks to do to earn money. Of course it is a free app, so don’t worry. All you can do here is earn extra cash. How to earn extra cash using this app? It’s really easy. All you have to do is download Gigwalk app. As soon as you install this app, you can start accepting new available gigs. There are many different types of gigs available. Some of them include going out and taking a pic of a storefront. Others will require you to write a review of a product or do some mystery shopping. But of course you will also find here an option you were looking for. Some of the gigs require to install a game and play it to make money. Simple as that. Download it here: Gigwalk

ESPN Streak For The Cash

It’s another cool app which let us earn money and in this one we can earn a lot! Every month there is a grand prize of 50.000$ to win! That’s correct. You can win 50 thousand dollars by using this app! All you have to do is predict results of sports games. You can predict many different types of games daily. To win the grand prize of 50.000 dollars, you need to be the best and have the longest winning streak. That’s not as easy as it sounds, but without betting your own money, you can actually win 50.000 dollars. Isn’t that awesome? Just give it a try and download it here: ESPN Streak For The Cash


In JunoWallet we can earn JuneCredits which are transferable into cash. We can earn those credits by doing simple tasks. For example we can watch videos, do some surveys, invite friends or play games to make money. Simple as that. There is also a raffle available in app and we can win laptops, iPhone, XBOX, PS4 and many more prizes for participating. We can also transfer credits into gift cards to GooglePlay, eBay, Amazon, iTunes and many more websites. You can get the app here: JunoWallet

Cash King – is it really the king of making money on android?

Cash King is definitely one of my favorite apps. Unfortunately it is unavailable in some countries, but don’t worry. You can get this app by using VPN if you can’t access it directly from your country. So what is this app about? This app is about one thing – getting paid for playing games on Android! It pays you to play new games on android and fill some short surveys. You can get it here and start earning money for playing games: Cash King

Get Paid to Play! – Apps to Play Games and Make Money

And last but not least – Get Paid to Play! This app is purely about making money on Android phones. You can earn money within the app in three different ways. First of all you can make money by watching video ads on your android device. Second option to earn money on your phone is to register to some free websites. And third option – the one you are waiting for is to download, install and play games to make money. So don’t wait. Install this app right now and start making money on your android phone. Get it here: Get Paid to Play!