Best Caller ID Faker Free App That Works!

best caller ID faker free app for android and iphoneIf you like to make pranks you might want to find best caller ID faker free app to use for your pranks. You maybe you want to call your friends with fake ID to make pranks or maybe you just wanna call someone who doesn’t answer your calls. But first of all you want this app to be free. Am I right?

CallerID Faker – best caller ID Faker free appearances

CallerID Faker was the first and original app of this type available to download for free. It was back in 2008 and since then several other apps popped out. In my opinion king is only one and this app is the best caller ID faker free app available to download on Google Play Store. First of all it is totally free to use this app to fake caller ID and make awesome pranks.

When we install this app we can use it for free, until we use all free available minutes. When we use them all, we still don’t have to pay to use it. To get more free minutes, we just need to watch video ad or try other adds and this way we earn more free minutes to use within this app. Of course if we don’t want to watch video ads or try other apps, we can simply buy minute packages.

Best Caller ID Faker Free App called CallerID Faker not only allows us to fake our ID while calling, it also has some other great features. It is a great app for pranks, cause it also allows us to change our voice. We can change our voice to sound either like man or woman. Another great feature is that we can record our calls, so we can record all our prank calls! It is definitely the best caller id faker free app for Android.

best caller id faker free app for Android

TraceBust – best caller id faker free app for iPhone

TraceBust is great prank call app for iPhone. It has many great features available for free. First of all you can change your caller id into fake caller ID. You can use this feature to check if someone is just ignoring your calls, or is he really not answering the phone. You can also use this option to prank call your friends or strangers. TraceBust will also allow you to record all your calls. You don’t need to worry you will never be able to share your pranks with friends. You can easily record all your voice calls and post them on youtube or facebook or send to your friends.

There is also Voice Changer available within the app. You can change your voice to sound like a man or woman and your friends will never know you called them. With TraceBust you can also call via WiFi, so you can save your money and lower your bill. With basic version of the app, you are allowed to make 2 free calls per day. Isn’t that all great? If you are an iPhone user, I would say you should give it a try and install TraceBust. It is definitely best caller ID faker free app for iPhone.

best caller ID faker free app for iPhone