Best Dating Apps for Women You Should Try!

Best dating apps for women to find love

Best dating apps for women were not only designed for single woman who who wants to find love, but are too shy or scared to try. Maybe you are too busy with work to go out and meet a nice guy. Maybe you are just too shy to try to pickup guys in public places and you wanna try to meet someone interesting online. Whatever your reasons are, you are in the right place. You will find here the best dating apps for women. Many girls and women want to find love, but they don’t know where to look. Many girls are too shy to talk with strangers, so perfect solution to fight with shyness is using dating apps for women. At first you will just chat with stranger online and when you build up courage you can meet him for dinner, walk or wherever you want. With a little bit of luck, you will meet the right person, your perfect stranger at first try. Those apps were created by women for women. Just give it a try!

best dating apps for women

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Bumble – it’s nothing like Tinder

Bumble was created by one of the co-founders of Tinder – extremely popular hook-up/dating app, but it is nothing like Tinder. On Bumble, just like on Tinder, users are matched with people nearby, but the difference is that the woman is in charge. What does that mean? It means that the woman has to initiate the chat with her match, cause if she doesn’t do it, connection disappears. Men are able to extend the connection for longer than a day, but the woman has to make the first step and initiate a chat.

When match is created between people of same gender, this rule doesn’t apply and each end of the connection can initiate a chat. That makes Bumble not only a great dating app for women, but also great dating app for gays and lesbians. You can find all types of connections here.

Bumble - nothing like tinder dating app


Coffee Meets Bagel – match with friends of friends!

Coffee Meets Bagel is one of those few dating apps for women that favors quality over quantity. What do I mean by that? I mean that it only shows you one match a day! That’s right! It uses Facebook to match you with friends of your friends, so your matches are already part of your surroundings. Another great feature to break the ice is how first contact looks like. When both parties decide they want to start talking, the app sends to both of them a text message with generated ice-breaking questions, which both have to answer. Sounds good right? It is speculated that Coffee Meets Bagel has between 100,000 – 500,000 users and this number is rapidly growing.

Coffee Meets Bagle - date with friends of friends


Lulu – rate boyfriends, exes, men you date!

Lulu is one of dating apps for women, where women have all the cards in their hands. Women are the ones, who have the power to send the first message and they can do it anonymously! Of course they can unveil their identity at any moment when they feel comfortable to do so. What is unique for this app is that women can rate their boyfriends, exes, men they date, and they can do it anonymously. They can not only rate men’s appearances, but also their ambition and sexual performance! They can include a review of best and worst points. This app has been called the most sexist app ever! Would you agree with that?

Lulu - rate boyfriends, exes, men you date


Dating Lounge – best dating apps for women with ambitions!

Dating Lounge is really unique and interesting app. It was created for wealthy people to find matches and partners for life. What makes this app so unique? First of all this app is “invite-only”, so you can’t simply download it and start using it if you don’t have an invitation. Second of all it’s for people who earn more than 100,000 USD a year. If you earn less, don’t worry, you still have a chance to use it, as there are few exceptions. Anyone who is already a member can send you invite, even if you earn less than 100,000 USD, so if you have “social connections” you might have a chance to get accepted. Another exception is being made for people with interesting jobs. So if you have an interesting and extraordinary job, you can find other interesting people and date them using this great app.

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