Best Free Dating Apps For Teens And Young Singles

best dating apps for teens and young people

Most dating apps are designed for adults, but what about teenage users? I f you feel like app developers forgot about teenage users, then you are kind of right. There are just a few dating apps for teens available. Some of them are free, some are paid apps, but still, just a few. While for adult users there are hundreds of dating apps available for free. So while most of dating apps have policy of not accepting teenage users, there are few alternatives you could use if you are a teenager.

dating apps for teens

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Dating Apps for Teens

Many of apps designed for adult users are also used by teenagers. You could try doing this as well, but a chance of matching with other teenager is quite low. On the other hand if you would like to find older partner, then using apps for adults would be a good idea. Let’s take a look at the best dating apps for teens – those developed just for teens as well as those for adults and teens.

Tinder – not really dating app for teens

It was proved, that about 7 percent of Tinder users are teenagers from 13 to 17 years old. Even though Tinder is an app for adults, teens are still using it, so you could give it a try. Tinder is probably the most popular dating app, however many users here are looking just for hook up, so be careful. This is probably one of the most popular dating apps. Using it is fairly easy. You just need to sign in with your Facebook account and you are good to go. You will get possible matches based on your location and preferences (age, gender). When you get a match, all you have to do is swipe left or right – indicating whether you like the person or not. If you like the person and she liked you too, you will get notification and you can start chatting.

Tinder is pretty amazing app and it has hundreds of millions of users. It is also a great app to meet new people when you are traveling. You can use it pretty much anywhere, cause it is popular all around the world. Tinder is free to use for Android and iOS devices. Android version of the app is available here. You can download iOS app here.

Skout – best dating apps for teens

Skout is an app where old approach to dating is mixed with new one. It is kind of a flirting app and it is destined to be used by teens and adults as well. Users are just placed in the appropriate age group, so underage teens won’t be able to date with adults. This kind of approach is great and safe. We won’t have to worry that we are going to match up with someone older, or that we will match with our teachers. That would be awkward.

Skout allows us to post comments, picures and chat with other users. When someone checks us out, we will see a notification, so we will know when someone is interested in us. We can match up with people nearby, so it is easy to meet up with them in real life and go on a date. We can also choose another city or location, to match up with people from the city, we are going to travel to. This is a great option if you are going for holidays to other city and would like to date or meet up other people there. You can match with them and start chatting, even before you actually go there. So when you finally arrive you will have a date waiting for you.

Skout is of course free to use, however there are some features that are available only for extra credits. We don’t have to use those features and enjoy using Skout for free, but if we want to have full features, we will have to buy extra credits. You can download Skout for free here.

Finding the best dating apps for teens is not an easy task. Most developers focus on the way bigger group of adults, so there are just few apps available for teenage users. However, some dating apps are designed to be used by teens and adults as well as they are divided into separate groups. I have to say, that the best of the dating apps for teens is Skout. It is safe to use by teens and designed in a way, that will let teens meet only other teens.