Best Free Hookup Apps – Top Dating Apps Like Tinder

best free hookup apps

Tinder is probably the most popular of the best free hookup apps available for smartphones. However Tinder is not the only app that allows us to find a hook up, there are several dating apps like Tinder available for free, which are at least as good as Tinder or even better. Tinder was originally designed for a sole purpose of hooking up – finding a one night stand. With time it evolved into something more. Nowadays Tinder is an app that is great for finding a hookup, but also for finding a friend, relationship or travel buddy.

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Best Free Hookup Apps

There are many hookup apps available for smartphones, however not all of them are free. When it comes to hooking up, there are millions of people doing that every day. Some of them don’t have time or need for relationship. Some just want to have fun and enjoy amazing one night stand with a stranger. Others just got out of the relationship and are seeking for rebound. Some are traveling and want to hookup with local people to experience something totally new. It doesn’t matter what your reasons are, if you are looking for the best free hookup apps you are in the right place. Let’s take a look at the best apps for hooking up.

Pure – dating apps like tinder

Pure was created just for one purpose and it is clear about it’s mission. It’s an app for finding a hook up. Pure is an app that doesn’t require us to register or connect with our social accounts. In fact confidentiality and anonymity are crucial part of this app and it is amazing. This app has also anonymous chat, that keeps the history for only one hour. Pure is totally free to use and a great way to find a hook up.

All we have to do to start using it, is upload a picture and as soon as we do that, the matches will start rolling. Matching system works pretty similar to the one we know from tinder, so in a way this is one of the dating apps like tinder was originally. The good part is that everyone knows what this app is all about, so you will not find here people looking for relationship. It is all about finding a hook up, being naughty and having fun. Just pure pleasure.

Pure is free to use and is definitely one of the best apps for hooking up for free. It is available for iOS and Android system. You can download Android app here and iOS app is available here.

Down – best apps for hooking up

best apps for hooking up

Down is another amazing app designed to find hook ups. It was originally named Bang with Friends, so this name explains what Down is all about. They had to change the name due to some Terms & Regulations, so now it’s called Down.

To use this app we have to connect it to Facebook and when we do that, we are good to go and we can easily find one night stand. This app is quite different from Tinder and Pure. To find a hook up, we have to send anonymous message to any of our facebook friends. If they show interest in us, then we can decide to meet up and do some naughty things. If they are not interested, we are good to explore new people for hook up and getting some fun.

The disadvantage of this app is that if you don’t have a lot of facebook friends or if you simply prefer to meet with strangers, then this app is definitely not for you. It is definitely not one of the dating apps like Tinder or Pure. However it is one of the best free hookup apps if we have a lot of friends and we want to hook up with them without worrying for their reaction. If you have some hot friends who you’d love to have fun with, just give it a try.

Down is free to use and is available for iOS and Android devices. Android version of Down app is available here. You can download Down for iOS here.

Feeld – best app for threesome hookup

best free hookup apps for ios and android

Feeld was originally called 3nder which sounds similar to Tinder and that was their purpose. In reality it is like Tinder for finding threesome hookups. If you always wanted to try threesome, this app is perfect for you. You can choose the composition of group 2+1 (if you are 2 people looking for third) or 1+1+1 if you would like to hookup with two strangers. It works pretty much as Tinder, so you just swipe through matches and you can hookup as soon as you match up with other 2 people. Wanna try threesome? Just download this app and make your fantasies come true!

Feeld is definitely the best app for finding a threesome. It is available for free for iOS and Android. Android version of the Feeld is available here. You can download iOS version of Feeld here.

There are many best free hookup apps available for iOS and Android and it is really hard to choose one winner. Feeld is definitely the best app to find casual threesome with strangers. It is kind of a dating app like Tinder for threesomes. Pure and Down compete for the best apps for hooking up and the choice is difficult here. If you wanna hook up with Facebook friends – just try Down, however if you want anonymous hook up with strangers – Pure is perfect for you.

In my opinion the best free apps to find hookup are: Tinder and Pure – for finding hookup anywhere around the world. Feeld – the best app for finding a casual threesome with strangers. And what apps do you use to find a hook up?