Best Free Language Learning Apps You Should Try

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Finding the best free language learning apps is quite an important and difficult task today, but when we find the best one it pays off. Why is it important? Cause nowadays knowing at least two foreign languages is very important. We need to know other languages to communicate while traveling, to do business with foreigners as well as to read news or watch movies in other languages. The most important language we should know is English which is official language of business as well as IT. Yet some popular other languages are also important to know. Spanish is right behind English, so if you already know English, start learning Spanish. This way you will be able to communicate with over 50% of people living on Earth! Amazing right?

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Finding the best free apps to learn new different language is also important, cause nowadays time is precious. We cannot afford to waste our time on learning in an inefficient way. Some apps are optimized so well that learning a new language with them is like a breeze. We can learn with them in no time and save our precious time thanks to efficiency. Some apps to learn a new language are using the most effective learning methods, hence we learn faster with them. Those apps will make you learn a language fast and become fluent easily. There are also free language learning apps available, that make us learn through fun and games. This approach is also great, cause we don’t really feel like studying, yet we are memorizing new words and learning new language. This approach is great and brings great results.

Best Free Language Learning Apps

So let’s get to the point. Would you like to know what are the best free language learning apps? What are the best apps to learn Spanish or English or Chinese? Or maybe you would like to learn other language? When it comes to those questions, there are few apps worth mentioning when it comes to learning. Those apps to learn a new language are: HelloTalk, Busuu and Mindsnacks.

HelloTalk – best app to learn a language

HelloTalk has a fresh new approach to language learning. This app is more of a community app rather than app to learn languages. When it comes to the best app to learn a language fast, HelloTalk would not be a bad choice. This app is perfect for those, who already know some basics of the language they want to learn and would like to practice speaking and listening. This app is also great to overcome the fear of talking in the new language. With HelloTalk we can converse with speakers from all over the world. We can do that through text messages or voice recordings. This app has also integrated translation system, so you can easily check words you lack in your memory. HelloTalk is available for iOS and Android devices and has a average score of 4.3 on Google Play Store, so I’d suggest to give it a try. You can download it here: iOS and Android.

Busuu – learn a language fast

Busuu is one of my favorite apps to learn a different language. Over 30 million users are using this app to learn a new language fast. It has an average score of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Google, which is amazing! Busuu offers a lot of language courses for free and among available languages we can find popular languages like English or Spanish, as well as less popular languages as Polish or Japanese. With this app we can start talking a new language relatively fast. Research has shown, that using Busuu for only 23 hours is equivalent to studying a language for a whole semester at the college. Isn’t that an amazing result? With Busuu we can master a new language in a several weeks and we will have a lot of fun during learning process.

There are different levels of courses available in Busuu, from basic to advanced. So we can start with basic course to learn some basic vocabulary and follow with more advanced courses as we become more fluent. With Busuu we will not only learn new vocabulary, but also practice speaking and listening skills, conversations and our pronunciation. Busuu also introduces some useful grammar tips to improve our journey to become a fluent language speaker. When it comes to the best free language learning apps, Busuu is among my favorite ones. I am using Busuu to learn Spanish and effects are amazing. It’s really the best app to learn a different language fast and for free.

If you are looking for an app to learn a language fast, give Busuu a try. App is available for iOS and Android devices for free. You can use it on your phone or tablet as well as you can try using an online web app on your computer. To download Busuu for free click here: iOS and Android.

Mindsnacks – learn a different language through games

Mindsnacks offers totally different approach than other apps. Of course other apps had some games to make learning process fun, but Mindsnacks is just a one fun game to learn a different language! I could call it the best free language learning game! That’s right, it’s more of an educational game to learn a new language, rather than an app. That being said, Mindsnacks will either make you love it or hate it. I bet it will be the latter. When you try this game out, you will have a lot of fun learning a new language. And when you have fun, you will improve your vocabulary fast. Among games for learning languages, Mindsnacks is my favorite.

Mindsnacks has several languages available to learn. Among those languages you can find the most popular languages like Spanish or German as well as Asian languages like Chinese and Japanese. Isn’t that cool? You can learn Japanese by playing this entertaining and addictive game. If you would like your kid to learn a new language and broaden his vocabulary, there is a cool module called “Kids’ Vocab” available. Your kid can play a game, have fun, and learn same time. I have a bad news to Android users, Mindsnacks is available only for iOS devices at the moment. Mindsnacks can be found here: download

When it comes to learning a different language it is important to find the best free language learning app, so the learning process will be entertaining and effective. Before we find the perfect app, we should ask ourselves what are we looking for in an app. If you want to practice speaking and pronunciation skills and talk to other people, then the best app to learn a different language would be HelloTalk. For those who want to learn a language fast and have a lot of fun, during that process, the best app for learning new language would be Mindsnacks. And for those, who want all of it in one app. For those who want to have fun, practice speaking and learn new vocabulary. The best free language learning app is Busuu.