Best Music Production Apps For Android

best music production apps for androidWhen it comes to questions: what are the best music production apps for Android, there is no simple answer. Nowadays music production doesn’t require specialized expensive devices, just a smartphone is enough. Whether you are professional music producer or just wanna try to make your own music, you can find perfect app to meet your needs. There is no need to buy expensive high technology devices or high-end laptop and carry it everywhere we go to create music. We can simply download one of the more advanced and the best music production apps and simply create our music on our smartphones. And lets face the truth, nowadays everyone owns at least one smartphone, so everyone can have music production studio in their pocket. So lets get to the point. What are the best music production apps for Android?


Audio Evolution Mobile Studio – Full Mobile Recording Studio

This app is definitely the most powerful listed app in this comparison. It’s incredibly powerful options make Audio Evolution Mobile Studio number #1 among the best music making apps for Android. It comes with everything you would expect from a moderate PC DAW, but it works on your phone and fits in your pocket. Isn’t that amazing? It offers over 250 audio interfaces and virtual instruments. More over it allows to make unlimited number of repeating the action. Another great functionality feature is option of mixing, applying effects in real time as well as automating everything! Another great features included in the app is playing in a loop, metronome and correction of delays.

This great app allows to import WAV, MP3, AIFF, Ogg/Vorbis, and FLAC files to the app and work on them. It also allows to save our work as WAV, AIFF, OGG or FLAC files. That means we will not loose the quality of our work, cause those formats are looseless. With every track there are available elements to control the volume, panorama, muting, solo playback and many more options. While creating music with this app we don’t have to worry about number of tracks, cause there is unlimited number of tracks available as well as unlimited number of groups. When it comes to effects, we can apply effects in real time. Among available effects there are chorus, delay, double delay, compressor, flanger, voice-over and more. The best thing is that all projects are compatible with DAW Audio Evolution 5 for laptops, so we can work on our projects on computers as well.

Unfortunately this is a paid app, however don’t worry. There is free demo available, so you can check out this app and decide, whether you wanna buy it or not. The price of the app is around 6USD and in my opinion it’s worth the money. Audio Evolution Mobile Studio is a complete audio recording studio in your phone! Give it a try, download it and create your own music on your smartphone.

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio - music production apps


Caustic 3 – #1 of the best music production apps

When it comes to Caustic, it is one of the most popular music creation apps and this state began long time ago. It’s really well optimized for smartphones and offers a lot of features. When it comes to the best music production apps it’s definitely in the top 3, but is it the best app? Let’s take a look at the features it offers. When it comes to the instruments, Caustic 3 offers 14 different instruments. Among those instruments we can find BassLine, Organ or Vocoder. Those are just few of all instruments offered in the app, but it’s already impressing. Other features included in the app are for example song sequencer and master section with parametric EQ and limiter. Sounds great? Well, that’s not all that Caustic 3 has to offer. Another features include mixer desk with global delay/reverb effects as well as effects rack, which supports up to 2 effects per machine.

Let’s take a look at automation. This app allows us for automation of most controls and gives us access to cool editors, which allows to modify recorded automation curves. More over this app also has a free version of PC app to download for free from their website. You can also download there more presets, share your tracks etc, so take a look there. When it comes to the app itself, it is free to use, but the free version doesn’t allow us to save our work. That being said, we need to buy “unlock key” to unlock the save feature. The cost of this “unlock key” is around 8USD, so that’s not really a high price for this complex studio recording app, right? I think it’s worth it’s price. Caustic 3 can be listed among best free music production apps, cause we can use this app for free without time or functionality limitations. Unfortunately the only option unavailable is saving/exporting our work. I’d recommend you to give it a try and if meets your needs, just unlock the export option and enjoy having music production studio in our pocket.

Caustic 3 - best free music production apps


FL Studio Mobile – best free music production apps

FL Studio Mobile is a young app and a little bit under-appreciated, but it’s getting more users with every day. It offers also PC and Mac version of the app, which offers not only strictly electronic and boring regular music, but has a lot of amazing powerful options. It is truly one of the best music production apps for Android as well as Mac and PC. So let’s take a look at the features offered in the app. As all apps of this type, it offers high quality sampler, synthetsizers, drum kits etc. Great option available in app is piano-keyboard and drumpads. That’s really great and missing from most of the best music production apps for Android. It also has advanced features when it comes to audio recording, browsing samples etc.

When it comes to available effects, we can use over 15 effects on our audio and those include Auto Ducker, Chorus, Disortion, Flanger and more. Of course it is possible to save our tracks or import them from MP3 and WAV files. Unfortunately this app is not free, the cost is around 15USD, but it’s definitely worth the money. If you are looking for amazing and powerful music production app, you should take a look at FL Studio Mobile. It will take your breath away.

FL Studio Mobile - truly the most advanced music production app

All three apps are really great, however the winner can be only one. Since there is no really a free app with full functionality available, I’d say the best free music production app is Caustic 3. Unfortunately, a mentioned before – Caustic 3 free version, doesn’t allow us to save our music. This makes it kind of unusable without paying for it, unless we just wanna use it for fun or export music to our PC via aidio-in cable. When it comes to paid apps, the winner of the best music production apps is FL Studio Mobile. It is truly outstanding app with amazing features not available in other music production apps. It is the most expensive among the mentioned apps, however it is really worth it’s price. When it comes to music production apps, choice is simple – FL Studio Mobile. If you are iPhone user, take a look at the best music production apps for iOS.