Best Picture Collage App for Android and iOS

best picture collage app for android and ios free

When it comes to the question what is the best picture collage app for Android and iOS there is no one simple answer. Our world is filled with smartphones, there are over 6 billion smartphones in circulation, that’s almost as many as people living on Earth! An average smartphone user is taking at least several pictures a week. That gives an average of one picture a day. With 6 billion smartphones, that gives 6 billion pictures every day! Many people use smartphones instead of a camera, cause the quality of the pictures is the same or almost the same as using normal camera and we don’t have to carry an extra device with us, so that’s really practical.

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What is the best photo collage app?

When we go on a trip or holidays, we take a lot of pictures. Some of them will be great, but posting them all together to share them with friends might be a little bit boring for our viewers. So how to make them interesting? Of course we could make a collage with related pictures, that would bring fresh look to them. A good college also tells a story, so it’s a great way to attract our viewers, friends, family, associates to see our photos and not get bored. Nowadays there are many awesome apps to to make picture collages easily. Those apps are easy to use and give professional looking collages that are really amazing. Effects that would take us hours to achieve, we can get within seconds using those best picture collage app for Android and iPhone. And those effects are so spectacular and give fresh looks to your photos, that all your viewers will love it.

Let me show you the best picture collage app for Android and iOS smartphones. With them you can tell unique story with your photos by combining them into collages. Find out what is the best photo collage app.

piZap – best collage maker app?

PiZap is easy to use app to make collages, it is available not only on Android and iOS devices, but also as a Web app and a Chrome app. It is really one of the best collage maker app available for free. It has many great effects, that will bring life to your collages. Within the app you can choose one of the unique collage layouts – among them layouts in shapes of hearts, stars or animals. With piZap you can easily add stickers, cliparts and text to your pictures and collages. You can also easily make memes. This app also allows you to add text bubbles to and give your collages look of a comic book. This approach is great to make your collages tell a unique story. Give it a try and download it here: piZap

BeFunky – best free collage app for android

BeFunky says about itself, that it is the world’s best photo editor, but you have to try it to judge it. The fact is it has one of the simplest and easiest collage maker tools available for iOS and Android. It has cool looking interface and is also available as a web app. The app is free and there are no ads, so it’s already awesome. This best free collage app is easy to use, yet it has many options. You can make collages with up to 9 photos, add beautiful backgrounds, stickers and text. Another option available within the app are photo overlays and marvelous photo frames. Since it is the photo editing app, it also has some powerful editing tools and amazing photo effects. You can download it here: BeFunky

PicsArt – best picture collage app for iOS

PicsArt is an incredible app available for iOS and Android, which allows to make amazingly looking collages. It has over 300 million users worldwide and was voted the best all-in-one photo editor, college maker and drawing tool for iOS. It offers a lot of free amazing features and among them intuitive college maker. You can easily edit your photos with over 1000 professional looking effects. PicsArt has an innovative AI effects support to give your photos unique look and take your breath away with the effects you can achieve. You can easily add emojis, cliparts, college backgrouds and themes with just one click. All of this is totally free! Tell amazing story with your colleges and start using PicsArt. Just download it here: PicsArt

When it comes to the best picture collage app, there is no simple answer, but I am sure, that whichever of those three apps you will choose, you will be fully satisfied. All of those apps will let you make amazingly looking collages that tell an interesting story. So summarizing, the best picture collage app for iOS is PicsArt and the best picture collage app for Android is BeFunky. And what free photo collage apps do you use?