Best Prank Call Apps that Change Voice

best prank call apps that change voiceThere are few best prank call apps that change voice available to download for free. Nowadays, when the technology allows us to easily change our voice, it can be also used to make prank calls. Newest discoveries allows people to use someone else voice while talking on the phone. For example we can sound like Eddy Murphy or Jim Carrey. That’s right. This kind of apps really exist, however they are not yet available for normal users to use for prank calls. I will present few of free prank call apps that Change voice, however their effects are great, they are not as great as those offered by professional paid apps.

Voice Changer with Effects – #1 of best Prank Call Apps That Change Voice

Voice Changer with Effects is a free app available on Google Play store. Even though it’s free it comes with adds, which we can remove by paying for a premium version of app. With Voice Changer we can change our voice and apply a lot of available effects. For example we can change our voice into helium voice, or robot voice, we can apply effect to have very deep voice. Some people will find it funny to use effects that change the sound of our voice into voice of Optimus Prime, Monster or really small creature. We can have a voice of a giant, spooky voice like ghost, sound like a kid. Other effects will make us sound as if we were drunk or very nervous. It’s totally all up to us which effect we will use.

Voice Changer has also some other great. We can easily share our voice recordings on whatsapp, email etc. This app allows also to save our recordings, we can easily add sound to images within this app and share it on Facebook. We can import pre-recorded sound and change voice in app. Another great feature is creating voice from text. Of course we can also set the voice as our ring-tone or notification sound. Since this app has been downloaded over 50 million times, I must say it is the most popular among best prank call apps that change your voice. If you wanna make a prank or simply change your voice for fun, you should definitely install this app. You won’t be disappointed!

Voice Changer with Effects - change your voice easily

Call Voice Changer – change voice in real time

Call Voice Changer is another great app among best prank call apps that can change voice. It is available to download for free. All voice calls are done through VoIP, so you need to have internet connection to use it for prank calls. With this app you can change your voice in real time during a call. You can change your voice to sound in any way you want. You can have a deep voice or very high voice, or just somewhere in between. It is totally up to you. Another great feature are sound effects. You can add special sounds like dog barking, siren etc during your call. Of course all calls and voice changing are happening in real time. You can use this app for free for two weeks after the installation. After that period you need to buy extra credits to keep using it. Call Voice Changer is a great app that allows you to change your voice in real time, so if you want to make some prank calls it’s perfect app for you.

Call Voice Changer - apps to change your voice

There are few prank call apps that change voice available to download, however only few of them work really well. I have tested several of them and two presented above are the best in my opinion. If you want to make prank calls and change your voice or simply record your voice and change it to sound differently, just give it a try and download one of the apps above.