Top 3 Best Spanish Learning Apps

best spanish learning appsWould you like to know what are the best Spanish learning apps? Are you looking for the best app to learn Spanish? Would you like to have apps to learn Spanish in a fun and easy way? If your answer to any of the questions above is yes, then you are in the right place. You will find here apps that can teach you Spanish in a month! And you will have a lot of fun learning it! But let’s get to the point.


Busuu – one of the best Spanish learning apps

Busuu is one of the best Spanish learning apps and it’s a really unique app. It has a lot of exercises and a lot of games built in, what makes learning Spanish really fun. Busuu is divided in lessons and each lesson teaches us vocabulary by several games. This is really fun way to learn Spanish and learning new vocabulary is going really fast! What is extremely unique for this app, among other best Spanish learning apps, is that you can practice conversation with Spanish native speaker. Yeah, you read it right. You can have an actual conversation with a Spanish native speaker! Isn’t that fun? You can meet some hot Latina girl or handsome Latino guy and practice your Spanish with it. Isn’t that a great motivation to learn Spanish? If you want to have fun, learn Spanish by playing games and practice conversations with native speakers, then this is a perfect app for you. Give it a try and you won’t regret it!

best spanish learning apps


Duolingo – 2nd best Spanish learning apps

When it comes to learning languages, Duolingo is definitely the most popular app to do it. In Duolingo you will find many available languages, including Spanish. It is placed on the second position among best Spanish learning apps, so it’s definitely worth a try. Each lesson in Duolingo is called a unit, and each unit is divided into sub-units. In each of the sub-units you will learn about 7 new words, so it’s just perfect amount for one learning session. But how do we learn new words? We learn new words through fun games and entertaining exercises. For example we learn through rearranging sentences or through matching a word with a picture. Another way of learning is repeating and saying the phrase in Spanish. Thanks to that we actually learn not only how to write, but also how to pronounce words which we learned. Duolingo is worth a try, it makes learning really fun!

best spanish learning apps


Memrise – best free app to learn Spanish

Memrise is my favorite app, cause I think it’s the best free app to learn Spanish. First of all it makes learning Spanish really fun. Besides that it is super easy to use and it’s really innovative. What do I mean by innovative? I mean that I’ve never see some of the options available here in any other language learning app. For example, it teaches us by evoking positive emotions like laugh or smile. It is achieved by learning through memes of words which we are learning. This way of learning allows us to create connections and mind map in our brain which results in learning faster and more effective.

Those memes are added not only by the creators of the app, but also by users. You can add your own meme and by doing that you not only learn the new word, you also help others to learn through your meme. Learning process is divided into themes. Each theme consists of words connected to the main topic. For example all words in theme “family” would be related with family, so we would learn words like sister, brother, mother, cousin etc. Summarizing, in my opinion Memrise is the best app to learn Spanish.

best free app to learn spanish

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