Free Pokemon Games for Android – Pokemon GO

free pokemon games for android pokeballThere are not many free Pokemon games for Android. In fact there is only one – Pokemon GO, which is reaching all time records. Within it’s first month it earned over 160 million dollars and the popularity of Pokemon GO is increasing! But let’s start from the beginning.

What is Pokemon GO?

Pokemon GO is a free Pokemon game for Android which was release in July and some countries are still waiting for it’s premiere. It hasn’t been released in China and some other countries yet. Pokemon GO introduces us into virtual reality world. But what does it mean? It means, that Pokemon GO uses camera in our smartphones to show us “holograms” of Pokemons which are nearby. Yes, you’ve read it right! When you will look on your smartphone screen you will see real surrounding area and nearby Pokemons! Sounds cool right?

That’s not all. Pokemon GO also uses your GPS to track your location. There are some PokeStops and Gyms all around your town and when you visit them you can collect useful items (in Pokestops) or fight with other trainers (Gyms). In addition different types of Pokemons will appear on different type of terrain. For example, we can find water type Pokemons only near water. Some Pokemon types are really rare and difficult to find as they roam all around the world. There are also few types of Pokemons which appear only on certain continents – for example Mime can be caught only in Europe. I wish all Pokemons were geographically dependent, it would be way more interesting to travel to a different country to catch some kind of Pokemon!

Free Pokemon games for Android

Whatever you might think, Pokemon GO is said to be the only free Pokemon game for Android, however there is a solution to play other Pokemon games on your smartphone. You just need to download special app called emulator and then you will be able to emulate other Pokemon games on your Android device.