How to learn Japanese on your own? Japanese Learning Apps

how to learn japanese on your own-learn to write japanse

Japanese is one of the most difficult languages to learn, cause it has it’s own alphabet. So when it comes to learning Japanese, we have to divide learning process into small steps and groups. We have to learn a new alphabet – learn to write Japanese as well as reading. Another part of learning is learning how to speak Japanese. Japanese is a tonal language, so for people living in western countries, some words may sound the same, however they are said with different tones and pressure points and their meaning is different. It can be really difficult in the beginning to start learning Japanese, but with time you will get into it and it will be easier with every day. So how to learn Japanese on your own if it’s so complicated?

How to learn Japanese on your own?

There is one great way – apps for learning Japanese. There are amazing apps available to learn Japanese and they are usually free. These apps make the process of learning really fun and where is fun, there are good results. So thanks to these apps you will be able to learn Japanese very fast and in an efficient way. They will help you to learn how to recognize different tones, how to pronounce Japanese words correctly, how to write and read Kanij (Japanese alphabet).Those amazing apps are mostly free and some of them are specialized in one category – for example just teaching you how to write in Japanese, while other apps are all-in-one apps, with all parts of learning process included.

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KanjiQ – learn to write Japanese characters

KanjiQ is an amazing app that will teach you to write Japanese characters. It is really simple app that was designed for just the one purpose, to help you to learn to write Japanese characters with ease. This app will show you the stroke order and how to write Japanese character and you have to follow it.

This app is also great for learning how to read in Japanese. Whenever we are learning how to write a new Japanese character, we can click on it and it will show us the meaning. This way we can not only learn to write Japanese, but also learn the meaning of these characters which is the first step to learning how to read. So when it comes to learning writing, the answer to the question: “How to learn Japanese on your own?” is simple – try KanjiQ.

KanjiQ is a great app for all levels of advancement. You can choose what level are you, so it is good for beginners and advanced Japanese learners. This great app is available for iOS and can be downloaded here.

Busuu – great app for learning Japanese

Busuu is a great app to learn Japanese language. Learning process is really fun and it is really efficient way of learning. The course to learn Japanese is divided into lessons and during each lesson we learn new phrases and vocabulary. While we learn with Busuu we learn not only how to speak in Japanese, but also how read Japanese characters.

When we start learning with Busuu, first part of the lesson is actual learning part. During this part Busuu will introduce us to new vocabulary and phrases. We will hear the phrase, as well as we will see Japanese and English translation of it. We should try to learn how to say it and how it looks like in Japanese. Next step will be short exercise – we will hear and see Japanese phrase and we have to choose the correct English translation of it. When we answer that short quiz, we will learn another 2 new phrases and a new exercise will check if we really learn it. In this exercise we will see 3 phrases in Japanese and 3 in English. What we have to do here, is to match English phrase with Japanese.

In the next parts there will be other games and exercises to check if we learn the vocabulary. For example we will hear a phrase and what we have to do, is to choose the correct answer – in either English or Japanese characters. There is also an exercise, where we only see an English phrase and we have to choose the correct Japanese phrase that matches it. Or the same in the opposite way – we see Japanese phrase and have to choose the matching English phrase.

Learning Japanese with Busuu app is really fun and it takes just a few minutes per day to learn new vocabulary. This way of learning is really efficient. If you want to know how to learn Japanese on your own, then this app is the answer to your question. Busuu will not only show you how to learn Japanese on your own, it will also make learning process really fun. You will master Japanese with just ten minutes of learning per day.

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Busuu is available for free. This great app is available for iOS and Androd devices as well as a web app, so we can access it from our computer. You can download iOS version here. Android version is available to download here.

What apps to learn Japanese on your own are you using? What are the best apps apps to learn to write Japanese in your opinion?