Top 3 Best French Learning App

  top 3 best french learning appsTop 3 best French learning apps that I’m going to present here are the most outstanding ones and learning with any one of them makes learning French easy peasy. If you would like to know how to learn french on your own, you are in the right place. In this article you will find out how to learn French on your own and how to learn French for free! Find a perfect app for your needs and discover fastest way to learn French.


Busuu – easiest way to learn French?

Busuu is an unique app for learning French with a lot of exercises and variety of games built in. It is on place number three among the best French learning apps. It consists of lessons and each lesson consist several vocabulary games which helps us to remember the words we are trying to learn. An unique part of this app is that we can practice our French with native speakers. That’s right! When you learn another lesson and you want to practice it, you can have a chat with a real French native speaker! Isn’t that fun? And what is the easiest way to learn French if not talking in French with French people? Do you want to have fun and chat with other people? If your answer is YES, then Busuu is the perfect app for you. You like to play games and learn French by doing it? You should definitely give this app a try, you won’t regret it!


Duolingo – the fastest way to learn French

Doulingo is probably the most popular app to learn languages. In it’s offer it has also French, which is great, cause this app really rocks. Duolingo is placed on second position among the best French learning apps. So how does it work? It consists of units and each unit of sub-units. In each sub-unit you will learn about 7 new words. How do we learn new words? We learn it through fun games and exercises. For example we have to match word with a picture or rearranging sentences. Another great exercise is repeating a phrase in French, thanks to that we are learning how to write new words as well as how to pronounce them. Get Duolingo HERE! Duolingo is the fastest way to learn French, cause this app makes learning fun and efficient!


Memrise – the best app for learning French

Memrise is in my opinion the best app for learning French. It is easy to use and most of all it makes learning French a great fun. It is the most innovative learning language app I’ve ever seen. In the result it teaches us not only by pictures presenting the word we are supposed to remember, but it’s teaching us by evoking positive emotions like smile or laugh. It achieves that by presenting memes of words we are learning. Thanks to that, it allows us to build connections and a mind map of the words we are learning. That leads to really fast remembering of the words and in a result it’s the fastest way to learn French.

The best thing is that these memes are not only created by developers of Memrise, but they can also be uploaded by the community. The variety of memes is increasing and we can also upload our own memes, what makes it really fun. All words we are learning here, are grouped in themes. For example theme “family” allows us to learn words related to family like – cousin, brother, mother etc. It’s quite common among all language learning apps, so it’s not innovative.

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