What app adds music to videos for free?

what app adds music to videos for free on android and ios

When it comes to the question: what app adds music to videos? There are many apps available with tons of features, but most of them are unfortunately paid apps. There are some amazing free video editors available as well and they have as many features as paid apps. Those free video editors have many advanced features and among them there is an option to add music to videos, however that’s not their only feature. If you are looking for simple app, that will just add music to videos, we will present some easy apps as well, to give you broad choice. So you will find out what is the best complex video editor with option to add music to videos. You will also be able to see review of small simple apps, created just for one purpose – to add music to videos.

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Background Music for Video

Background Music for Video is a small free app for iPhones and iPads which allows you to add music to videos. It is really simple and easy to use app. To add song to your clip you just need to select video. Next you have to select audio track. Select from which second you want to start audio. And just merge video and audio together. It’s simple as that. Easy and fast to add music to video without any hassle.

This is small app made for one specific purpose for iPhones and iPads. So if you just want an app to add music to video give it a try. I am sure it will meet all your need and you will be fully satisfied with it. Unfortunately this app is not available for Android users, but there are other great alternatives. You can get it here: iOS 

Add Music to Video – what app adds music to videos for iOS?

Add Music to Video is a little bit more advanced video editor. With this app you can easily trim your videos and cut any unwanted moments. It also allows us to trim audio track as well. Another great feature is that it supports unlimited number of audio tracks. That means we can easily add not only music and audio tracks, but also record our own voice over and add it to the videos. Of course when we record voice over, the crucial part is synchronization and positioning. This app has a perfect positioning system to perfectly merge video and audio and make a professional edited video. This app is only available for iOS and you can get it here: download

Add Audio to Video – best app that adds music to videos

Add Audio to Video is a small free app for Android. So if you were asking yourself what app adds music to videos on Android, you have just found your answer. This app was made just for one purpose – to add music to videos fast and easily. When we add audio to video that is shorter than audio track – this app will automatically trim the music to fit the video file. Amazing feature is that, when we add audio that is shorter than video, it will concatenate audio track to fit the video! That’s right! So all you have to do is select audio track and video and click merge. You can add music to videos in three fast clicks. You can get this app here: Android

AndroVid – best video editor for Android

AndroVid is a little bit more advanced video editor, however it’s still easy to use. It is free to use and it has been implemented with many features. Besides adding music to videos it allows to do a lot of other useful things with your videos. For example it allows us to reverse our videos and that gives a new fresh effect to them. Of course we can also trim our videos and audio track. Another cool feature is converting our video or some part of it into a gif. There is also frame grabber available within the app. That means, we can easily extract video frame as an image without loose of quaity.

Another great option available in AudioVid is video rotator. We can easily rotate our video clips within seconds and with ease. This app also allows to add text to videos with simplicity. And last, but not least, AndroVid let’s us to make a slideshow from picures. It allows us to add a lot of amazing fading effects as well as video to our slideshows. All those features are available for free within the app. Just give it a try here: AndroVid