Best App to Download Movies for Free

The best app to download movies and tv series on smartphone or TV

Nowadays, when watching movies is getting more and more popular we have decided to present you the best app to download movies for free. Dozens or even hundreds of movies are released every week and few times higher number of TV Series episodes. Smartphones are getting bigger and bigger. Their purpose is not only texting and calling anymore. A lot of people use smartphones as a mean of entertainment – they play games or watch movies and TV series on their phones. Moreover tablets are in common use and are even cheaper than smartphones to buy. Internet is available in the most places we visit, there are free hotspots, 4G/3G coverage almost everywhere, internet available in cafe’s and restaurants.

Let’s face the truth. Most people are watching at least one movie per week and that’s in addition to few TV series episodes. Having an app on your smartphone with access to the latest movies for free would be a great deal, right? We will present few popular apps with daily updates and free access to the newest movies. In the summary we will choose the winner – the best app to download movies for free.


Newest Movies HD – best app to download TV series

Newest Movies HD is an Android app, however it is not available on Google Play store. You can download apk file from their official website. This great free app offers not only watching newest movies for free on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. It also allows you to download any movies you want for free to your device. You can watch them anytime later, while you are traveling, camping or don’t have access to fast internet good enough for streaming. Whenever you have access to Wi-Fi you can easily download latest movies and enjoy watching them in free time without using your data package. Newest Movies HD not only allows you to download latest movies, but also TV Series. You can download just the latest episodes or download full seasons easily. Some users claim that Newest Movies HD is the best app to download movies for free. Would you agree with that statement?


Flipps HD – best app for downloading movies?

Flipps HD is another great Android app which allows us not only to watch but also download movies for free. But it’s way more than just a simple movie app to download movies. You can watch movies, viral videos, TV series and more not only on your smartphone, but also on tablet or your TV. You can watch streams live, watch E-Sports competitions live on big screen of your TV without any delays! Doesn’t that sound great? Flipps HD is available not only on Android devices but also on iOS, so you can use it on iPhone and iPad. Some people claim it’s the best app for downloading movies, but I’d say its subjective and individual case. For some it’s the best app, some would prefer other app. Just give it a try and judge by yourself.

best app for downloading movies for free


ShowBox – best app to download movies in HD

ShowBox is probably the most popular app among those presented in this article. It has the highest number of satisfied users. ShowBox works super fast and it’s free. It is updated quite often and new releases are added daily. In ShowBox you can easily watch any types of shows – movies, TV series, reality shows, talk shows, cooking shows and music shows and any other type of show. You can use it not only on your smartphone, but also on your TV or even on your computer. App itself is working fast and it’s intuitive. It allows you not only to watch movies online, but also to stream movies from other third party websites with ease. Of course we wouldn’t list this app here if it didn’t have the most important feature – downloading movies.

ShowBox supports High-Definition (HD) quality of movies. So you can not only watch HD movies online with this app, but also download any HD movie or TV series you want. In our humble opinion ShowBox is the best app to download movies in HD. You can download it from their official website below and enjoy watching latest movies on your smartphone or tablet with ease. Download: ShowBox

When it comes to watching movies on your smartphone, there are a lot of apps available to download for free, but most of them doesn’t have the feature to download movies. In our opinion three outstanding apps presented above will fulfill all your requirements when it comes to an app to watch and download movies online. Not only they allow you to watch and download movies, but also TV series and other kinds of TV shows. Just check them out and tell us what is the best app to download movies in your opinion. What other apps to download movies should we list here? Find out the best app to stream movies for free.