Best Apps For Personal Trainers And Health Coaches You Must Have

best apps for personal trainers and health coaches

It is crucial as a personal trainer or health coach to have the best apps for personal trainers, cause they can at least increase your productivity. A personal trainer is in the business of improving people’s lives. I believe it is quite difficult to manage a growing business and at the same time stay on top of individual needs of each client and his progress. I know it’s difficult to keep track of all of it and same time improve not only your clients life, but also work on your own life and it’s improvements.

With help comes the best apps for personal trainers and health coaches available for smartphones. Those apps are amazing and useful solution. Those best apps for personal trainers will help you to be more productive and stay on top of client’s progress. This will lead to attracting and managing more clients and increase in your revenue.

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Best apps for personal trainers

There are several apps for personal trainers available to download and some of them are truly amazing. I believe that thanks to them you will increase your productivity and this will lead to increase in your revenue. You will be able to manage your clients in more efficient way and that will lead to improvement in your relationship with your clients. Improved relationship will attract new clients and this will result in increase of your revenue. Let’s take a look at the best apps for personal trainers and health coaches.

Coach Pro – #1 of best apps for personal trainers for iOS

Coach Pro is amazing app designed for all kinds of coaching professionals. Whether you are a business, health, life, personal or any other type of coach, you will love this app. You can easily store and access all the information you need in one place. With this app you can easily make session notes and to do that, you can use either keyboard or voice dictation. Coach Pro also allows you track goals, actions and successes. It has amazing features to manage appointment calendar, store billing information and coaching questions. Another useful feature are reports and this app has also a backup feature, so we won’t be worried that all our data can be lost. We can easily make backups in few simple clicks.

Coach Pro was designed by coaches for coaches, as there was no other alternative available to fulfill all the requirements of thousands of coaches worldwide. This app fulfills all of them and what is more amazing – it’s lite version is available for free for iPhones and iPads. This app is rated 4+ on iTunes, which is an amazing score. It is definitely one of the best apps for personal trainers for iOS. You can get it here.

TrainerFu – #1 of best apps for personal trainers for Android

TrainerFu is amazing app for personal trainers to increase the productivity and improve relationship with clients. This app will help you and your clients get faster results. What is amazing in this app, is the fact, that it actually helps to grow personal trainers business. Moreover it is very convenient for clients to use and personal trainer is able to track their client’s homework assignments. You can simply deliver workout plan to your clients’ smartphone.

TrainerFu allows to use one of thousand exercises already available in the app, as well as adding your own exercises along with youtube videos. Another amazing feature is tracking all client logs and their workout progress. Very usefull feature of TrainerFu is option to record weight, body fat percentage, skinfolds and circumferences. All of this info as well as progress is presented in an easy to read graphs anyone can easily read and understand. Moreover this app allows personal trainers to track what their clients are eating and how many calories are they consuming each day. The app has a built in chat, so you can chat directly with your clients, no need to use third party apps.

TrainerFu is rated 4+ on the Google Play store and that is truly amazing score. It is free to use for Android users, however it has some in-app products available to purchase. TrainerFu is available for download here.