Best Apps Not on Play Store You Have To Try!

Best apps not on play store - Android apps not on google play

Google Play is the biggest marketplace with millions of apps, but unfortunately not all of the good apps are available on play store. In this article we will take a look at the best apps not on play store and I bet you will find some of them incredibly useful and amazing. Some of them are extremely popular in Asian countries, yet they didn’t become popular in the west for unknown reasons. Since these best android apps not in play store are not directly available to download from Google Play store, they have to be installed manually, but have no fear, installing them is very easy.

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Best Apps not on Play Store

You probably wonder what kind of apps are not available on Google Play Store and are they really worth trying. Well, among the top apps not on play store you can find apps from many different categories. Outside of the play store, you can find for example apps to download music for free to your smartphone, watch latest movies on your phone, there are also apps that allow us to block ads in other apps or websites. If that’s not enough to convince you, that there are Android apps not on Play Store, that are worth trying, then let me tell you, that there are thousands of open-source apps available outside of the Google Play Store. Moreover, there are even apps similar to Google Play, where you can find and install thousands of Android apps not available on Play Store. So let’s take a look at the best apps not on Play Store.


F-Droid – Open Source Android Apps Not On Play Store

I bet that most of you never heard about F-Droid and don’t know what this app can do. First of all, F-Droid is really an amazing app and it is definitely one of the top apps not on Play Store. F-Droid is a free application that is a catalog of Free and Open Source Apps for Android. So to make it simple, F-Droid is like Google Play Store, but with only free and open source applications for Android. You will find here not only applications, but also open source games for Android. You can get it here.

Currently F-Droid has over 1200 free and open source apps and games available in their repository, it may be a small number compared to Google Play, but let’s not forget, that all of the apps available on F-Droid are open source. That means, all of them are free to use and there are no ads. Besides that, many of the apps available on F-Droid are nothing like the apps from Google Store, because they offer functionality, that Google would never allow in apps on their store. For example, among the Android apps not on Google Play Store and available on F-Droid you can find apps that block advertisement in games, apps and websites. There are apps allowing us to scan Wi-Fi networks, offline readers and many more. Don’t wait any longer. Download F-Droid and discover best apps not on play store!


TubeMate – Top Apps not on play store to Download Videos

Some time ago it used to be possible to find apps to download Youtube videos and music, however it changed recently after new ToS were introduced. Google Play removed all applications to download videos and music from Youtube, but TubeMate is a solution to this problem. TubeMate is one of the free and useful android apps not on play store, that allows us to download videos and music from Youtube and several other websites as well. It is very easy use and you can get it here.

You might wonder, why did we include TubeMate on our list of the best Android apps not on play store. Well, let’s take a look at some of its features. First of all, TubeMate allows us to download videos from websites like YouTube, Dailymotion, YouKu, Vimeo and Facebook, just to name the few. We can easily choose what video quality and resolution we would like to download. We can also download just audio from these websites, and we can select which audio format we would like to get. For example, we can download M4A or MP3 files of any song we want. I think it sound amazing and it’s extremely useful.


Amazon Underground – Android Apps Not on Google Play Marketplace

Amazon Underground is another cool app worth trying. It is an official Amazon Appstore’s App and it is not available on Google Play Store, cause it would mean competition for Google. Amazon Underground is not only an app where you can find android apps not available on google play, it is also a place where you can find books, video games etc. You can get it here.

Another cool feature of Amazon Underground are deals. Every now and then, we can find deals and apps that are available for free for a limited time. That means we can test some apps without paying for them, I think it’s really cool. And last, but not least of the features are free apps. In Amazon Underground we can find thousands of free apps, and at the same time these apps are paid apps on Google Play Store. This is one of the greatest advantage of Amazon Underground compared to Google Play Store – thousands of free apps! Install Amazon Underground and find out the best android apps not in play store.


Show Box – watch movies and TV series!

If you’ve never heard about this app, I am sure you are gonna love it! ShowBox is a free app that allows to enjoy moves and tv shows on Android devices. It is one of the best apps not on play store to watch movies and TV series on a smartphone or tablet. ShowBox App allows us to stream or download movies and TV shows – the choice is ours. Thanks to the latter option, we are able to download any movie or tv show we want and watch it later when we do not have access to the internet. You can download ShowBoxApp here. Just install it and explore huge database of latest movies and TV series.

So how to use this app? When we open it, on the left side there is a dropdown menu, where we can choose category – Movies, TV Shows etc. Once we choose category, we can easily browse through available movies. It is very easy, and once we choose video we are interested in, we can also choose the quality. If we are watching on a smartphone, we should probably choose the lowest quality. However if we installed ShowBox on our TV, we would most like to watch movies in HD quality, so go for 1080p.

ShowBox definitely earned its place among the best apps not on play store. It has huge movie and TV shows database and latest movies are added daily. There is also an interesting beta option, where you can find and download music MP3 files. It’s still in development phase, but I think I will be really useful feature once it gets to the full potential. Especially that ShowBox is one of the best apps not on play store with over 9 million downloads worldwide!


What are the Best apps not on Google Play Store?

As you can see there are many great Android apps not on Google Play store, that have some great functionality. You can pretty much install apps that will turn your smartphone into a computer with all of its features. All you have to do is to look for best apps not on Google Play Store, explore thousands of apps that were not allowed on Google Store because of it’s TOS, yet they can be easily found on Amazon Underground, F-Droid and on the internet in general. In my opinion apps mentioned in this article are among the 20 best Android apps not in play store available for free. And what apps are your favorite Android apps not on google play? Let us know in the comments!